Job Description

Use teaching methods which capture pupils’ interest and maintain their engagement through:

  • offering rich, captivating learning activities
  • setting the highest expectations for all pupils
  • clearly establishing a purpose for learning, placing it within a context
  • effective questioning that includes open and closed questions, together with the use of probing, supplementary questions
  • providing frequent opportunities for pupils to learn through talk and interaction
  • stimulating intellectual curiosity and communicating enthusiasm for learning
  • matching the teaching approaches used to the learning and development area of the curriculum and the age of the pupils being taught
  • modelling good language use to children
  • modelling good social skills to children

Job Requirement:

  • Infant school educators with at least 3 early years’ (EYFS) experience
  • Qualifications: B. Ed, B.A, B. Sc, PGDE, (Teachers with B.A or B.Sc must have PGDE already or in progress with evidence), Masters

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